About Us

In the back of my mind I have always had a dream to own my own business. I'm sure it is probably because my dad owned a clothing store for many years. His store was the only mens' clothing store in our small town. He served area farmers and local businessmen by providing the clothes they needed for their daily lives. I ended up working in the store for a few years in high school and that experience has had a big impact on where I am today. It was my first experience talking to customers and it was terrifying to someone as introverted as me. Every time a new customer would come in, my dad resisted the urge to help them and sent me instead. This was probably not the best idea if he was trying to make sales, but it worked out well for me. Looking back on that experience now, I realize that I learned a lot in those hours in the store- my job was not as much about selling clothes as it was about making customers feel welcome..  It also brought me out of my shell and gave me confidence in my communication skills. 

I started mailboxbuy to fulfill my dream to own my own business. So far it has been a great learning experience. I expected there would be challenges, and there have been, but it has been fun and exciting. It's the same excitement I felt when my dad took me on trips to meet suppliers and select new clothing to sell in the next season. As our store moves forward, I'll provide updates in our blog so that you can follow our progress. 

Have a great day and thanks for shopping with us!